‘I left your class with the calm and strength you encouraged us to find and managed to keep it with me throughout the rest of the week. I feel this sense of peace for the first time in ages’ - Student

These classes are suitable for all levels, including beginners. With a strong emphasis on holding postures for a length of time, Hatha is a great introduction to developing stability, strength and body awareness. Gentle, slow and adaptable for all needs.

Popularly known as 'Flow Yoga', Vinyasa means 'to move with the breath' and is therefore more dynamic than Hatha. Vinyasa is suitable for yogis who have been studying for a while and have a basic knowledge of asanas (postures) and alignment. These classes are a little faster than Hatha and move from one posture to the next with some more challenging asanas. It is therefore recommended for intermediate levels.

This is a relaxing, calming, grounding style, all done on the floor. It is suitable for everyone, whether you're taking some time out of your fast-paced and stressful modern life or recovering from illness or injury. With its origins in Iyengar yoga, restorative yoga encourages you to relax into each posture as far as possible. A class therefore only includes a few poses that are held for a significant time, allowing us to absorb the benefits of the asanas. Props are used for everyone to encourage support and relaxation, followed by a 15-20 minute Savasana. 


Seated and standing yoga using a chair for support, these classes are great for senior students or for those with an injury, health condition or disability. Chair yoga focuses on motor development skills and building strength, balance and mobility to enhance your everyday life. 

Pre/Post Natal
Yoga is a valuable practice for pregnancy, labour and recovery. With modified postures for each trimester, yoga is great for reducing mum's stress, for easing body aches and issues, and for pranayama (breathing techniques) to be used at every stage of the journey. Sessions are tailored for the needs of mum and baby.


Courtesy of space2grow


Courtesy of space2grow

Children's Yoga
These classes focus on games and stories to make yoga interactive and accessible to a younger audience. Games such as 'What's in the Bag?' and 'Musical Yoga Statues' are always popular. Beautiful butterfly also comes to visit if you lie still in Savasana...
30-45 minutes is recommended for children's yoga.

'[She] was practising bananas to the left and right in the bath tonight!' - Parent

Private Sessions
One-to-one sessions are tailored to suit the student's individual needs. The first session includes a free 20 minute consultation where we discuss what has brought you to yoga, what you would like to gain from your practices and any imbalances mentally or physically. Your private classes are then designed to benefit your needs and to develop as you change and grow. These classes can be arranged every week, every couple of weeks, once a month... the choice is yours! These sessions are guided by you with the teacher there to assist you. A short 2-5 minute practice will be given for you to take away with you as well as a few other tasks during your journey. These private sessions can involve as much talking therapy as needed and are for anybody to enquire about.

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