Please follow the latest government guidelines while attending your yoga class but also be aware that even as social distancing regulations ease, Roots Yoga will continue to follow the rules outlined below to keep everyone safe for the foreseeable future. Please read carefully before arriving at class:


-Remain at a social distance where possible. If you are in close proximity to another student inside, please consider wearing a mask until you are at a safe distance on your mat. 

-You do not need to wear a mask during the class, but may if it makes you feel comfortable.

-Please remain only in the yoga space - the rest of the house is out of bounds, including the bathroom (sorry!). 

-When possible, classes will be held outside or doors opened for ventilation. Weather (and cat disruption) dependent. 

-There will be no hands on adjustments until deemed safe by the teacher. The teacher will remain on her mat throughout the session where possible. 

-Please avoid touching anything in the house (e.g. door handles, plug sockets, tables). Classes are held in someone's home and the rest of the house is not sterilised for your protection. It is advised to keep your personal belongings in your own area, not to spread them around the space.

-Usually props are available for use but for the time being, students MUST purchase and bring their own equipment. A mat is mandatory but yoga bricks, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets are all optional (may be useful, depending which class you take). If you need any advice with purchasing equipment, feel free to contact Isobel. You will be offered a cleaned second mat to go under your own mat at Stone Barn but if you do not bring your own, you will have to purchase one of Isobel's mats (which the cat has clawed... you have been warned). 

-It is recommended you clean your mat and sanitise your hands before and after attending class. 

-If you are unwell or show any symptoms, please do not attend. If you test positive, or another person in your household does, please do not attend a class until after at least 10 days of isolation since the last person in your household tested positive

-If you start to show symptoms after attending a class, or within two weeks after attending, please contact Isobel immediately. If you test positive after attending a class, or within two weeks after attending, please contact Isobel immediately

-All classes (apart from sessions at space2grow and Cafe Mila) will be held at Stone Barn. No privates taught in other people's homes to reduce risk of spreading. 
Stay safe, stay well.

Reviewed: 17th September 2021

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